Take pro photos with Point-and-Shoot Camera

Take pro photos with Point and Shoot Camera by stolen maps

Because of the limited features of Point-and-Shoot camera, they’re often not liked by photographers.

In case a Point-and-Shoot camera is the only one you’ve got, then you should learn how to make the most of it. They obviously can’t match the capabilities, efficiency and resolution of a DSLR. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t capture professional-looking photos with them.

All you need to do is keep in mind some important tips and use them appropriately.

dismantled parts of a point and shoot camera

1. Explore your camera

If you understand how exactly your camera works, half of the work is already done. You need to sit down and explore all the menu functions, buttons or dials. Once you understand their use and importance, you will know when and which function is to be used to create the exact photograph you want.

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Take pro photos with Point and Shoot Camera by stolen maps

2. Help your camera

No camera is perfect enough to do it all for you. So, you need to understand the limitations and possible problems with your camera. You should not completely rely on Automatic-mode.

For example, the flash of cameras generally emit a strong light, washing out the subject. It is common with most of the point-and-shoot and DSLR camera.

In such case, you should avoid using on-camera light and resort to natural lighting. If you’re shooting indoors, turn ON all the light and/or use reflectors to manipulate the incident light on your subject.

Some point-and-shoot camera might come with semi-automatic settings like shutter priority or aperture priority. Rest allows fully manual control. So, you should use that for your advantage and capture photos with better exposure.

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3. Change your perspective

I’ve suggested this a hundred times, and it is actually worth it.
Taking photos from same old perspective will not work for you. You should think differently, look for different angles that can help you play with lighting, composition, perspective and what not. Moreover, with a small, lightweight point-and-shoot camera, you enjoy benefits of better mobility and easy accessibility.
So, why not use that for your advantage? Capturing photographs from a point above or below normal eye-level will add life to the images.

Try taking photos from a worm’s eye view by kneeling or lying down on the ground or you can take photos through bird’s-eye view by simply moving to a place higher than normal eye-level. These can help you decide look of your subject ( like lower perspective makes the subject larger)

skyscrapers low angle photograph

Well, there you go! That’s all I had to share. Don’t forget to drop a comment down below if this post helped you in some way or if you’d like me to write about something or maybe just to say hi!

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