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List of Popular Indian Handicrafts west bengal by stolen maps

List of Popular Indian Handicrafts: West Bengal

The essence of life in West Bengal is captured in its handicrafts, festivals, wildlife, literature, and architecture. The Durga Puja celebrations in the state are like nowhere else in India. And almost all Indian celebrations and occasions are incomplete without centuries old handicrafts, traditions and rituals. The handicrafts industry of West Bengal is well known across the entire nation. Here’s my list of some of the most beautiful handicrafts in West Bengal that would add grace and beauty to your home decor.   1. Bengal Masks Masks in Bengal have quite a mysterious history. Nobody knows how or why they came into tradition and became an inseparable part of handicrafts in West Bengal culture. People wear these, somewhat gloomy somewhat vibrant, masks during folk dances and traditional rituals. These masks often depict deities/characters from tribal folktales and mythological stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Hindu-purans,etc.   Different regions and communities of Bengal have distinct styles/types of masks, and use different materials for making them. And you would find tribal masks made of all kinds of materials like …

List of Popular Indian Handicrafts Gujarat by stolen maps

List of Popular Indian Handicrafts: Gujarat

The essence of life in Gujarat is in its cuisine, heritage sites, museums, and temples. The Rann Utsav and Navratri celebrations in the state are truly unmatched. Both of them have Gujarati style, traditional wear in common. The textile industry of Gujarat is renowned not just in India, but abroad as well. Here’s my list of some of the most beautiful handicrafts in Gujarat that would add grace to your wardrobe, and souvenirs that I’m sure you’d love to have.   1. Bandhani  Bandhani is a tie-dying technique, which derives its name from the Hindi word bandhan which essentially means “the bond” or “tying”. It used to be the prime choice for bridal dresses in traditional Gujarati weddings, however, things are changing pretty fast now.  This labor-intensive handicraft demands time and expertise. In fact, some sarees with intricate patterns often take somewhere between 6 to 10 months for completion, sometimes even more. The workers mark specific areas or points on fabric that are then covered in wax or other kind of materials that resist dye. These points …

List of Popular Indian Handicrafts Rajasthan by stolen maps

List of Popular Indian Handicrafts: Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is known for its rulers, their royal history, brave battles they fought, their magnificent forts, exquisite cuisine and what not. There’s so much I wish to write about Rajasthan. So, here I am, coming up with my list of some of the most elegant handicrafts in Rajasthan that I’m sure you’d love to have. Here you go–   1. Block Printing Handicrafts in Rajasthan This style of handicrafts in Rajasthan includes teak/sheesham wood blocks with carefully hand-carved details. Dipped in color, these blocks are used to stamp cotton fabrics. Some villages in Rajasthan are home to people whose only job is to keep this traditional art alive and thriving. The chippas caste of the Bagru village who has been doing this for three centuries now, is one such example.   The color dyes used in the past were based on plant and other natural substances. Now that the times have changed so much, industrial textile dyes are preferred for the same. However, there are still some areas where you might find …

List of Popular Indian Handicrafts Assam by stolen maps

List of Popular Indian Handicrafts: Assam

Assam is known for its vibrant waterfalls, mesmerizing bamboo forests, and vast stretches of tea plantation. True essence of its culture and traditions are captured in Assamese festivals, native lifestyle and traditional handicrafts. Here’s my list of some of the most pivotal handicrafts in Assam that I’m sure you’d love to have as souvenirs. Here you go–   1. Terracotta Handicrafts in Assam Handicrafts industry of Assam is popular for its terracotta works. Mix sand and clay together in right proportions, shape it, give details and then bake till a brownish red color appears. And you end up with a beautiful terracotta art piece.    Artists generally give shape to the mixture with their bare hands, and then use a variety of tools for careful detailing. Like most other regions of India, Assam also has communities solely dedicated to handicrafts industry. Kumara and Hiras are two such communities in terracotta and pottery crafts. Art pieces of all shapes and sizes are easily available in local markets. However, demand for some works is so high that …