Ideas to make your Travel Memories Last Forever

Ideas to make your Travel Memories Last Forever by stolen maps

The purpose of traveling is to make memories worth remembering till our last breath. Everyone wishes for their best travel memories to last forever. But what actually happens is that most of our trips turn into a few Instagram and Facebook posts & nothing more than that.
Most photos we click end up in albums that might not be opened until next time there are more to put in and the souvenirs usually die a slow death in our homes. Apparently, to make our travel memories live longer and make us smile everytime they remind us of the trips, we need to do things differently.
Here’s a list of some creative ideas to make your travel memories last forever—

1. Sending Postcards

How about sending postcards to yourself? Sounds crazy? Read along…
I know postcards are generally sent to family or close friends. That’s the thing most people do; but I’m asking you to send postcards to your own address. Here’s the point— Just date them to future. Date them months or even years down the line.

Write about things random happening around you out there, somewhere far from home… Write about that weirdo (or that cute boy/girl) you met in the Amsterdam hostel you stayed at or how you felt scuba diving in the Indian ocean for the first time or how peaceful it is to meditate in a Buddhist monastery.
And by the time they reach you, you probably would’ve forgotten about those travel memories. The postcards sent this way surprisingly, unexpectedly bringing back to you all those moments and travel memories.

2. Have your travel moments canvas-printed

Your best travel memories printed on canvas framed to hang on walls of your home. Sounds nice, no?
Some websites offer services to get your photos printed on canvas, framed and delivered to your doorstep. Many people in America like CanvasPop & CanvasDecor for this. A lot of options are available out there to choose from, pick according to your needs, convenience and of course, budget.
P.S. I’m not profited from the links above in any way.

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3. Memory Wall

How about choosing a wall in your home, and turning it into a canvas of your travel memories. Put up your best travel photographs, souvenirs, collectibles, postcards, charms, etc. on the wall and you’re good to go!

a wall full of travel memories photos world map

Make a random collage; maybe add some wanderlust quotes to it…. It’s all about feeling joyful everytime you look it or show it to someone.
Create an amazing gallery of the moments you’d never wish to forget. The memory wall will always remind you of what you felt out there traveling and how liberating travel is.
The wall will be your constant inspiration and reminder that the world is fucking’ huge and the life damn short!! So, you gotta pack your bags and get going now!!

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4. Travel Blogging

Nothing is better than writing your experiences and feelings for the world to read and get inspired. Travel blogging is something that most travelers do, and you should too.
Travel blogging not only helps you “keep” precious travel memories, but also share them with people of same interests, know more travelers, meet people like you and make new friends.
Moreover, travel blogging can fetch you a handsome sum of money on a regular basis, if you get the hang of it. Many travelers fund their travels through travel blogging (and other freelance jobs).
Most web hosting companies offer cheap plans to get started with blogging at nominal cost. So, what are you waiting for?

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5. Collectibles and Souvenirs

How about making an enviable collection of uncommon spices that you came across while traveling?
Most travelers have the habit of collecting items while traveling. Some of us like to collect classic things like stamps or coins, while few others go for uncommon items like shot-glasses. Of course, what you collect is all up to you.

a woman looking at beautiful glowing souvenirs at a shop

Ideas of some cool collectibles—

  • Travel tickets you bought
  • Menus of restaurants you ate at
  • Uncommon spices
  • Coins, stamps, postcards, currency notes
  • Bracelets or similar jewelry items
  • Pebbles from mountains
  • Sand or sea-shells from beaches
  • Shot-glasses or perfume bottles

P.S. I’d love to see your collection. Tell me what you like collecting the most in the comments section below.

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6. Music Playlists

An interesting idea is to create Travel Playlists, every time you travel.
Listen to folk songs or traditional music of the places you visit to. It will enhance your travel experiences as you feel closer to the local culture. Make collection of those songs. Mark your favorites also.
Feel the connection between the music and your surroundings. Like Buddhist chants in monasteries, jazz music on road-trips, Bollywood music in Indian transports, etc.
Even months later, listening to the playlists will bring back many travel memories. That’s how you keep your travel moments and memories alive, even after a long time.

Rajasthan musicians singing folk songs playing traditional instruments sitting on sand at sunset

P.S. You can always use SHAZAM (Android and iOS) to instantly identify the songs playing around you.

7. Destination Boxes

Ever thought of making travel memories boxes (destination boxes) for all the place you travel to.

box full of travel photographs to make your travel memories last forever

It’s best to choose wooden boxes; paint them with destination names. Fill the boxes with tiny things that remind you of the destination you traveled to. It can be anything like tickets, stamps, postcards, souvenirs, etc. Place the boxes on a shelf or something in your living room, and you’re done!
Not only the boxes look tempting to open, they also keep your collected items at one place.

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Well, there you go! That’s all I had to share. Don’t forget to drop a comment down below if this post helped you in some way or if you’d like me to write about something or maybe just to say hi!

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