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Portrait Photography

Top 5 Benefits of Self Portrait Photography Projects

Self Portrait photography has plenty to offer. There exists many advantages of it… below are my list of top 5 benefits of the same: 1. Freedom With self portraiture, you enjoy immense freedom. As a photographer, Self Portraits projects are meant for you and you only. You don’t need to worry about pleasing your clients. This surely gives you the freedom of experimenting with composition, lighting, posing and post-processing. Also, you will have the comfort of working at your own pace on the project.   2. Creativity Most of the photographers are not used to being in front of the lens. Self Portrait projects will help you as a photographer to discover new creative possibilities and hone your portrait photography and posing skills. Whether you are a portrait, nature, wildlife or landscape or street photographer; originality and creativity are two prime elements of Photography. For growing as a photographer, you need to develop your own unique form of creativity.   3. New Ideas If you are a portrait photographer, experimenting with Self Portraiture will help …

Decisive moments in Street Photography

Capturing the Decisive Moments in Street Photography

Decisive Moments in street photography? The very moment when everything falls into place and together has a meaning. Every single detail in photograph is a part of its story. The candid image seems like a deliberately composed photograph. Decisive Moments in street photography are really hard to capture perfectly, not to mention, of course, finding them first of all. Decisive moments occur at random and

Street Photography

How to choose the best Lens for Street Photography

Best Lens for Street Photography The lens you choose greatly affects your photography. When it comes to choosing a lens for street photography, a wide range of lenses are available to choose from. Now the question is: Which lens will prove best for street photography? To find out, read till the end— Choosing Focal Length On the basis of focal length, two types of lenses are available—Prime lenses and Zoom lenses.

Street Photography

Beginner’s Guide: Camera Settings for Street Photography

While out on the street with your DSLR for some street photography, you saw a street performer doing something unusual. You decide to capture the moment, and began adjusting your camera settings to get a good shot, pointed your camera, focused your subject and are ready to shoot and…. oh,no!! that great moment is now long gone 🙁 Better luck next time…. This has happened with me before, and I’m sure you’ve struggled

night photography

Beginner’s Guide: Essential Gear for Night Photography

Gear for night photography— Having right gear for night photography is extremely important. The gear you use can make or break your night photography. Things like camera and lens are obvious, but which ones are best for long exposure night photography? Here is the list of all necessary gear you need to make your next night photography session great: 1. The ‘Right’ Camera “The best camera is