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Street Photography

Beginner’s Guide: Camera Settings for Street Photography

While out on the street with your DSLR for some street photography, you saw a street performer doing something unusual. You decide to capture the moment, and began adjusting your camera settings to get a good shot, pointed your camera, focused your subject and are ready to shoot and…. oh,no!! that great moment is now long gone 🙁 Better luck next time…. This has happened with me before, and I’m sure you’ve struggled

Night photography

Beginner’s Guide: Camera Settings for Night Photography

Camera Settings for night photography — Right camera settings for night photography are essential to capture good images. A perfect moment can be easily ruined if the photo is not exposed properly or the subject gets blurry. This get even more complicated in night photography. Here are the best tips to get proper exposure in low light. 1. Switch to Manual Mode When it comes to night photography, shooting in manual mode

night photography

Beginner’s Guide: Essential Gear for Night Photography

Gear for night photography— Having right gear for night photography is extremely important. The gear you use can make or break your night photography. Things like camera and lens are obvious, but which ones are best for long exposure night photography? Here is the list of all necessary gear you need to make your next night photography session great: 1. The ‘Right’ Camera “The best camera is