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Food Photography

7 Tips for Capturing Motion in Food Photography

7 best tips to capture motion in food photography Magazines love pictures where movements freeze in time. Photographs with sprinkling sugar or pouring honey are really eye-catchy. Obviously, publishers love what attracts viewer’s attention. Clients often demand food photographers for such pictures. Read below for some simple and effective tips to make you better at it. Manual Mode You must be in manual mode camera setting

Food Photography with Smartphones

Top 7 Tips on Food Photography with Smartphones

Food Photography with Smartphones— Appetizing photographs of delicious looking foods styled in the best way possible are flooding the Instagram. Posting food pictures every-time you hit a restaurant or bar is now as important as the food itself & you don’t always need a DSLR. Here are some tips that will help you get better at food photography with a smartphone camera— Turn the Flash OFF Artificial light/white box

Low Light Food Photography

Top 7 Tips For Low Light Food Photography

Low Light Food Photography With December here, the bright, sunny days are gone. It’s the time when almost every photographer struggles with the lack of natural light. And out of all times, your clients demand food photography from you, welcome to the club of low light food photographers (There’s no such thing, right?). But seriously, why now of all times!! Many food photographers rely only on natural light for most

Dark Food Photography

Best Tips To Improve Your Dark Food Photography

Dark Food Photography Dark Food Photography, mysterious and beautiful at the same time, is a pleasant tangle of light and dark. The ‘Dark & Moody’ photographs also convey a sense of secrecy. Foods embraced in contrasting darkness is a feast for both eyes and heart. Dark food photographs instantly captures viewer’s attention, making them ideal for magazine publishing and advertisements. So, photographers often come

Food Photography

Common Food Photography Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Food Photography Food Photography is no wonder a captivating form of art. It requires a lot of attention even to the minutest details in the scene. In the beginning, everyone makes mistakes, there’s no denying it. Only practice can help you get better at it. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind to avoid a few common mistake during food photography: 1. Blue— lesser is better In case you’re relying only on natural light