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smoke bomb photography

Best Tips for Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke Bomb Photography creates strong and surreal effect. The images captured are fascinating and aesthetic enough to grab anyone’s attention in just a fraction of second. If you haven’t come across some mesmerizing smoke bomb photos yet, then must be living under a rock till now. Anyways, here’s everything thing you need to know to make the most out of your next smoke bomb photography project: Things you need 1. Obviously, Smoke Bombs (Wire Pull Grenades are recommended)—Amazon 2. Your Camera (with stand) 3. External Flash—Amazon 4. Reflectors—Amazon 5. Water to safely dispose the bombs 6. Model(s) 7. Outdoor space (not advised for indoors)   The Smoke Bomb Smoke bombs are mini-grenades and run for about 60-90 seconds. This is enough time to capture some shots if things are kept ready beforehand. The bombs can stain your (models’) hands and clothes and they also stink… a lot. The cool burning wire pull grenades are strongly recommended due to safety concerns. Try not to inhale the smoke as it can cause irritation. Have first-aid kit in …

sell photos online

5 websites to sell photos online

Sell Photos Online Regardless of whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist photographer, extra cash is something that everyone needs as expenses like maintenance of photography equipment and travel to shooting locations are unavoidable. So, how about displaying them online and turn your soft gold into some hard cash!? You just have to sell/display your images and earn commission whenever someone purchases license to use your photo(s). Down below is my list of 5 Most Profitable sites to sell your photos: 1. SmugMug Pro This is my personal favorite. SmugMug probably pays the highest commission in industry. Key Features: You keep almost 85% as profit You can sell stock photos and videos Receiving Payment— Paypal, ACH Additional Revenue Options— Through Refer-a-friend Program: If you refer someone to buy membership, both you and the person referred gets 20% off. Like, if someone purchases a $300 product or membership, he will get $60 off. Similarly, you will also get 60$ (same amount) off on future purchases. SmugMug’s Partner Program: Affiliate program for website owners to refer SmugMug …

indoor photography

Top 7 Tips for Great Indoor Photography

Indoor Photography can be pretty hard to carry out because of common issues like grain in images, underexposed images, noise in images. The culprit being lack of light and confined space for setting up proper equipment. But don’t worry, with some handy tips, you can capture awesome pictures. You can follow the tips below to get the most out of your Indoor Photography projects: 1. Shoot in RAW Perks of shooting in RAW are innumerable. Simply, you’ll be able to edit your photos in Adobe Camera RAW to cut noise in your indoor photos. Shooting in RAW gives you flexibility of adjusting exposure, white balance, color and what not!!   2. Indoor Shooting with Overexposure When shooting indoors, lack of natural light makes shadows more common. To reduce noise and control grain in photographs, it is best to have a little overexposure. While shooting portraits indoors, overexposure helps hide wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes by simple dominating shadows. Overexposure works wonders for natural light portraits. But, you need to use it intelligently. If you eliminate details …

Portrait Photography

Top 5 Benefits of Self Portrait Photography Projects

Self Portrait photography has plenty to offer. There exists many advantages of it… below are my list of top 5 benefits of the same: 1. Freedom With self portraiture, you enjoy immense freedom. As a photographer, Self Portraits projects are meant for you and you only. You don’t need to worry about pleasing your clients. This surely gives you the freedom of experimenting with composition, lighting, posing and post-processing. Also, you will have the comfort of working at your own pace on the project.   2. Creativity Most of the photographers are not used to being in front of the lens. Self Portrait projects will help you as a photographer to discover new creative possibilities and hone your portrait photography and posing skills. Whether you are a portrait, nature, wildlife or landscape or street photographer; originality and creativity are two prime elements of Photography. For growing as a photographer, you need to develop your own unique form of creativity.   3. New Ideas If you are a portrait photographer, experimenting with Self Portraiture will help …


How to use Framing in Urban Environment

What is Framing? Framing means creating photo-within-a-photo effect. The photos captured are “self-contained”. Basically, we are bifurcating outer-most frame into smaller frames to intentionally bring/guide attention to the subject. Photographers often apply positioning and perspective techniques to create a space and line to bring viewer’s focus onto the subject and add narrative to their photographs. It won’t be wrong to say that a photographer’s world is only what he sees through the viewfinder. How to apply framing in photos? Framing helps in wrapping more mundane areas of an image and makes the

Architectural photography

Top 5 tips for Architectural Photography

Solid knowledge of composition lays the foundation of interesting photography subjects like Architectural photography. Great Architectural structures have always amazed photographers, artists, travelers, etc. Here are the top 5 tips— Use Wide Angle Lens for Architectural Photography: While in search for some eye-catching photos of Architectural marvels, you might end up in front of a building where don’t have enough space to move to capture the entire structure in one single shot. The use of Wide Angle Lens or fish-eye Lens in such situations can help you


Take pro photos with Point-and-Shoot Camera

Because of the limited features of Point-and-Shoot camera, they’re often not liked by photographers. In case a Point-and-Shoot camera is the only one you’ve got, then you should learn how to make the most of it. They obviously can’t match the capabilities, efficiency and resolution of a DSLR. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t capture professional-looking photos with them. All you need to do is keep in mind some important tips and use them appropriately. 1. Explore your camera: If you understand how

Food Photography

7 Tips for Capturing Motion in Food Photography

7 best tips to capture motion in food photography Magazines love pictures where movements freeze in time. Photographs with sprinkling sugar or pouring honey are really eye-catchy. Obviously, publishers love what attracts viewer’s attention. Clients often demand food photographers for such pictures. Read below for some simple and effective tips to make you better at it. Manual Mode You must be in manual mode camera setting

Decisive moments in Street Photography

Capturing the Decisive Moments in Street Photography

Decisive Moments in street photography? The very moment when everything falls into place and together has a meaning. Every single detail in photograph is a part of its story. The candid image seems like a deliberately composed photograph. Decisive Moments in street photography are really hard to capture perfectly, not to mention, of course, finding them first of all. Decisive moments occur at random and

Street Photography

How to choose the best Lens for Street Photography

Best Lens for Street Photography The lens you choose greatly affects your photography. When it comes to choosing a lens for street photography, a wide range of lenses are available to choose from. Now the question is: Which lens will prove best for street photography? To find out, read till the end— Choosing Focal Length On the basis of focal length, two types of lenses are available—Prime lenses and Zoom lenses.

Street Photography

Beginner’s Guide: Camera Settings for Street Photography

While out on the street with your DSLR for some street photography, you saw a street performer doing something unusual. You decide to capture the moment, and began adjusting your camera settings to get a good shot, pointed your camera, focused your subject and are ready to shoot and…. oh,no!! that great moment is now long gone 🙁 Better luck next time…. This has happened with me before, and I’m sure you’ve struggled

Night photography

Beginner’s Guide: Camera Settings for Night Photography

Camera Settings for night photography — Right camera settings for night photography are essential to capture good images. A perfect moment can be easily ruined if the photo is not exposed properly or the subject gets blurry. This get even more complicated in night photography. Here are the best tips to get proper exposure in low light. 1. Switch to Manual Mode When it comes to night photography, shooting in manual mode

night photography

Beginner’s Guide: Essential Gear for Night Photography

Gear for night photography— Having right gear for night photography is extremely important. The gear you use can make or break your night photography. Things like camera and lens are obvious, but which ones are best for long exposure night photography? Here is the list of all necessary gear you need to make your next night photography session great: 1. The ‘Right’ Camera “The best camera is

Food Photography with Smartphones

Top 7 Tips on Food Photography with Smartphones

Food Photography with Smartphones— Appetizing photographs of delicious looking foods styled in the best way possible are flooding the Instagram. Posting food pictures every-time you hit a restaurant or bar is now as important as the food itself & you don’t always need a DSLR. Here are some tips that will help you get better at food photography with a smartphone camera— Turn the Flash OFF Artificial light/white box

Low Light Food Photography

Top 7 Tips For Low Light Food Photography

Low Light Food Photography With December here, the bright, sunny days are gone. It’s the time when almost every photographer struggles with the lack of natural light. And out of all times, your clients demand food photography from you, welcome to the club of low light food photographers (There’s no such thing, right?). But seriously, why now of all times!! Many food photographers rely only on natural light for most

Dark Food Photography

Best Tips To Improve Your Dark Food Photography

Dark Food Photography Dark Food Photography, mysterious and beautiful at the same time, is a pleasant tangle of light and dark. The ‘Dark & Moody’ photographs also convey a sense of secrecy. Foods embraced in contrasting darkness is a feast for both eyes and heart. Dark food photographs instantly captures viewer’s attention, making them ideal for magazine publishing and advertisements. So, photographers often come

Food Photography

Common Food Photography Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Food Photography Food Photography is no wonder a captivating form of art. It requires a lot of attention even to the minutest details in the scene. In the beginning, everyone makes mistakes, there’s no denying it. Only practice can help you get better at it. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind to avoid a few common mistake during food photography: 1. Blue— lesser is better In case you’re relying only on natural light

photo editing apps

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

Thousands of Photo Editing apps are now available across various platforms like iOS & Android. Most of them are pretty simple and efficient to use, but lack many vital pro-features you’ll need to create pictures your heart desires. Things considered while choosing best photo editing apps: Editing: Editing tools, filters, presets, etc. obviously are the most important criteria. Capabilities of all photo editing apps are decided by the tools they provide. Interface: Simple, easy to understand interface is very important for any application. Interface is an essential criteria. Importing: Many apps have complicated process for important images. Moreover, some editing tools don’t support importing at all. How can you edit photos if not able to import them? Sharing: Photo Editing apps should provide dead-easy sharing methods for common online platforms, especially social media. Only a few apps deliver all the features needed to make make photos look professionally edited. So why settle for less when you can get the best apps for a fair sum of money. Keeping above listed criteria in mind, here is …

Macro Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Macro Photography

What is Macro Photography? Macro Photography or close-up photography has been popular for many years now. We can explore the world not visible to naked eyes; a world beautiful, intriguing and sometimes even weird. The variety offered by Macro Photography is exceptional. I mean, you can simply shoot anything close enough to have a great photograph. However, you need proper equipment to carry this out. Gear you need for Macro Photography To capture extraordinary macro photos, you might have to spare some bucks for these gear. But if you are just starting out; you can try using point-and-shoot cameras that often come with really good macro modes. Gear you need for macro photography:   1. Macro Lens Dedicated Macro lenses ranging from 50 mm to 200 mm are available for Macro Photography. They are no doubt expensive; I suggest you to invest in them only if you’re serious about macro. All photographers recommend lenses of longer focal length, as it means more separation between you and your subject. In macro photography, smaller length lenses can …