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Make Travel Memories Last Forever

Ideas to make your Travel Memories Last Forever

The purpose of traveling is to make memories worth remembering till our last breath. Everyone wishes for their best travel memories to last forever. But what actually happens is that most of our trips turn into a few Instagram and Facebook posts & nothing more than that. Most photos we click end up in albums that might not be opened until next time there are more to put in and the souvenirs usually die a slow death in our homes. Apparently, to make our travel memories live longer and make us smile everytime they remind us of the trips, we need to do things differently. Here’s a list of some creative ideas to make your travel memories last forever— 1. Sending Postcards How about sending postcards to yourself? Sounds crazy? Read along… I know postcards are generally sent to family or close friends. That’s the thing most people do; but I’m asking you to send postcards to your own address. Here’s the point— Just date them to future. Date them months or even years down …

Finding Cheap Accommodation House Sitting

Finding Cheap Accommodation: House Sitting

Wherein a house-owner when goes away for some time leaves someone (house sitter) to take care of the house and/or some pets. 

The sitter by a mutual agreement lives there rent-free in exchange for taking care of the house, pets, plants or garden, performing general maintenance, etc.As a house sitter you get a house to stay at and the owner gets a keeper for free, it’s mutually beneficial.

House sitting is a great way to find free accommodation in most parts of the world. All you need to do in exchange is take care of a house and some pet animals like cats, dogs, fish or birds. It’s pretty common that owners leave pets in your care.

Finding Cheap Accommodation Volunteering Abroad

Finding Cheap Accommodation: Volunteering Abroad

2 types of volunteering opportunities are there— You work for organizations in developing countries to make things better and bring some good changes in the region. The other one is when you work for some hotel, bar, hostel or similar establishments looking for volunteers. The former is more of a social cause and the latter is sort of a part-time job. 

When it comes to volunteering opportunities in developing countries, most agencies involved ask volunteers to pay a lot of money for the experience. They literally demand thousands of dollars. Though the money covers food, accommodation and other management fees; dealing directly with the organization asking for volunteers may help you save a lot of it.

Travel Books

Best Travel Books to Know More about India

THE ROUGH GUIDE TO INDIA The Rough Guide books are considered one of the best travel guides across the globe. Some actually believe Rough Guide are as good as Lonely Planet travel books. A good travel book, I believe, must be absolutely unbiased; and this series fulfills the criteria very well. Rough Guide to India talks about Bollywood, culture, cuisine, history, religion and much more. Buy on Amazon LONELY PLANET TRAVEL BOOKS  Do I really need to include this? Because Lonely Planet is quite obvious. Lonely Planet is one of the most travel books around the globe.  Lonely Planet talks about incomprehensibly varying culture of India, places to eat that fit in your not-so-glorious budget and the information about nice places to stay without going broke, places to shop, arts and festivals in India. Buy on Amazon NINE LIVES Nine people, nine lives, nine different paths, nine different stories!! Nine Lives, unlike most travel books narrates stories of nine people in India.  William Darlymple (the author), inspired by his experiences in India, put together stories of how nine different …

Kannauj - The Perfume Capital of India

Kannauj— The Perfume Capital of India

Kannauj Kannauj, (a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India) also known as The Perfume Capital of India has been extracting natural fragrances & putting them into bottles. For thousands of years, Kannauj has been manufacturing & trading a variety of uncommon fragrances. Nearly 75000 people in kannauj are involved in the ittar industry in one way or another. The skill of making natural perfumes has been passed down for many generations. Most ‘recipes’ are secret & not disclosed to outsiders.   Monsoon in a bottle The main reason behind popularity of this town is its mitti ittar— the sweet, mesmerizing scent of rain we all love. Just imagine capturing the aroma of rain and wet soil afterwards in a bottle. For people who love rains, it’s monsoon in a bottle 😉 The town has been turning rains into perfumes for thousands of years. Kannauj has a history of trading premium ittar with midddle eastern countries about 300 years ago under the reign of Shah Jahan in India. Making Ittar (perfume) in Kannauj are made from flowers like white jasmine, agarwood, rose, …