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Top 5 Benefits of Self Portrait Photography Projects

Portrait Photography

Self Portrait photography has plenty to offer. There exist many advantages of it… below are my list of top 5 benefits of the same:

1. Freedom

Portrait Photography

With self portraiture, you enjoy immense freedom. As a photographer, Self Portraits projects are meant for you and you only. You don’t need to worry about pleasing your clients.

This surely gives you the freedom of experimenting with composition, lighting, posing and post-processing. Also, you will have the comfort of working at your own pace on the project.

2. Creativity

Portrait Photography

Most of the photographers are not used to being in front of the lens. Self Portrait projects will help you as a photographer to discover new creative possibilities and hone your portrait photography and posing skills.

Whether you are a portrait, nature, wildlife or landscape or street photographer; originality and creativity are two prime elements of Photography. For growing as a photographer, you need to develop your own unique form of creativity.

3. New Ideas

Portrait Photography

If you are a portrait photographer, experimenting with Self Portraiture will help you find new ideas to carry out while photographing someone else.

You will understand what type of composition, posing and lighting works best in a given scene.You will then not worry much about technical aspects during photographing others.

4. Interaction

Portrait Photography

Self Portrait projects will make you understand what a model feels during a photo-shoot. It will help you get fair idea of how to instruct models to make the best out of them.

Then, you will spend time clicking more photographs and interacting with the models. Interaction is indeed very important for every photographer and model to understand each other’s expectations.

5. Love Yourself

Portrait Photography

Finally, Self Portrait Projects offer self-exploration and self-expression. Each of your photo will “portray” your way of seeing this world. Self-portraiture provides immense growth, both at personal and professional levels. And you might fall in love with yourself all over again 😉

Well, that’s all I had to share. Please share any valuable tips/ideas in the comments section below. If you want me to write posts on specific topics, feel free to comment below, it means a lot to me 🙂

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