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5 Best Beaches in Goa for Foreigners

5 Best Beaches in Goa for Foreigners

What is more relaxing than a glass of wine, waves, sunset and a peaceful ambiance? Nothing, I guess. You want to enjoy beach, beer and water sports or you love to read books by silent sea shores while sipping on some fine wine, Goa is the place for you.Whether it’s the exciting night-life or peaceful yoga retreats, Goa has it all. Here’s the list of best beaches in Goa to spend time and absorb into the life of Goa—

1. Morjim Beach

On the far-north side of Goa, foreign travelers love Morjim. Because of the lesser Indian crowd, the beach is quieter than most others in Goa. 

Beaches in Goa

Olive Ridley Turtles at Morjim Beach, New Yaer 2012 ©AtulaGupta

Beach bars & shacks are quite affordable. There is a turtle nesting site nearby this beach. You might see some Olive Ridley sea turtles around.

With almost no water sports or shouting hawkers and vendors, Morjim beach becomes one of the finest beaches in Goa for you to relax and spend quality time peacefully. Enjoy the beautiful sugary-white sand & boundless sea in front of you.

2. Colva

Colva is a southern beach in Goa, as famous as Calangute in counting good northern beaches in Goa. Just 4 kms from Margao, mostly Indian tourists visit this beach. 

Beaches in Goa

Colva Beach, 2017 ©source

This beach is very different from the Morjim beach or other beaches in Goa. If you’re seeking peace and calm, this isn’t the place for you. With so many fishermen and hawkers around shouting at the top of their voices, Colva is far from quiet. 

Such beaches, however, are sometimes loved by foreigners. Beaches like Colva are not like the ones you usually have in western countries. Colva has its own uniqueness, and that attracts foreign visitors.

3. Palolem

Palolem is way down in the south of Goa and is among the best beaches of the south. This crescent-shaped beach offers a range of boat trips to enjoy the sea and many beach-huts to stay in and relax.

Beaches in Goa

Palolem Beach ©SatyajitNayak

Just like most of the beaches in Goa, Palolem also has many beach-bars, resorts, restaurants to please your appetite for Goan cuisine. Palolem offers stunning views and waters safe to swim in.

4. Ashwem

This beach is good for solo travelers looking for a peaceful ambiance. 

5 Best Beaches in Goa for Foreigners

The Ashwem Beach ©source

Ashwem in North Goa is only 3-4 kms from Morjim, visited mostly by foreigners. Ashwem just like Morjim, has fewer shacks or hawkers around unlike most beaches in goa. Water sports options available are very limited. Few things like beach-beds and parking are affordable. However, like most other beaches in Goa, Shacks are over-priced. 

Ashwem and Morjim together make perfect beach destination in North Goa. Enjoy Goa with cocktails on beach-bars 🍺 😉 Apart from drinking or reading, you can attend some yoga retreat sessions around.


5. Calangute

One of the best beaches in India for tourists, regardless of being luxury travelers or shoe-string budget travelers. This is one of the finest and most popular beaches, Goa has to offer.

Beaches in Goa

Calangute beach ©source

Calangute was loved by Beatles (you read it right— The Beatles!!) who used to come here to relax and enjoy Goa’s life, Goan cuisine and of course, Feni.

Featured Image: ©HemantMeena

That’s all I had to share. Please share any valuable tips/ideas you have in the comments section below. If you want me to write posts on specific topics, just drop me a comment.

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  1. Us foreigners DO love a good self-realization trip to Goa hahhaha. Thanks for narrowing down the beaches so we can all really “find ourselves” to the best of our ability. Then of course visit absolutely nowhere else in India 😂 great post!

    • Varnit says

      Thank you so much Morgan, I’m happy that you find the post useful. “Finding ourselves” is something every travel seeks, I believe. 😊

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