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Hey there! Welcome to my blog. I’m Varnit, creator and editor behind this blog. I’m basically a software engineer, fresh out of college, with a passion for digital content creation, video filming, personal finance and minimalism. This blog is my way of sharing my gratitude and love for India. Also, travel and photography have always intrigued me. So, here I am, writing this in the middle of the night with a bowl of ramen in my hands.
Stolen Maps was born over 5 years ago out of the curiosity of a tech-savvy teenager who fell in love with the idea of ‘Traveling as a Lifestyle’. And that’s exactly what this blog is all about.
It’s a collection of city guides, travel tips, photography hacks and historical articles written and edited by me. I write about almost everything related to my niche that could either benefit or entertain my readers. I just want them to leave the blog with either ideas or a smile or both.
I’ve planned to build a community where people who share same interests could come together and share their stories and experiences with each other. I really hope to expand Stolen Maps beyond the horizons of a blog one day.
Now that you are here, let’s connect with each other. Drop me an email at [email protected]

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